City of Ghosts (Downside Ghosts #3)

City of Ghosts (Downside Ghosts #3) - Stacia Kane Oh, how happy I am that I stuck with this series! Although the second book improved on the first, City of Ghosts, the third installment, is where everything finally came together. And when it did, it was incredible.One of my biggest issues with the earlier installments was the lack of explanation for the supernatural elements. Often, Chess would solve the main intrigue by doing some fancy ghost debunking tricks, but these tricks were never truly spelled out for the reader. Kane doesn’t spell anything out here—subtlety is much more her style—but I think after a three books of being plunged into this odd world where in 1997 ghosts came to life and contributed to the foundation a new global order, I’m finally understanding how everything works. Something I’m still not entirely pleased with but have resigned myself to is the writing. Kane writes well; however, she can be longwinded. I would have excised entire paragraphs of the text in order to curtail superfluous description and keep the pace fast. That said, the only other popular Urban Fantasy series I’ve read is Katherine Marie Moning’s Fever series. Though the Fever series inspired me to explore this genre, I found Moning’s prose to be pitiful. So I guess I’ll take Kane’s verbosity to Moning’s amateur style.My favorite part of this series is the characters. Specifically, the relationship between two characters—Chess and Terrible. In this book, their “relationship,” if you can call it that, is seriously troubled. I love reading about imperfect and endangered relationships; it’s so much more exciting for me because there is so much for the characters to gain, or conversely, so much for them to lose. The moments with Chess and Terrible are electric, and I want to read about their relationship forever and ever. Individually, Chess’s character grows a lot, and in this book, there are some well-deserved epiphanies for this fucked up yet sympathetic drug addict witch. Her main emotional arc is complete, but I anticipate more adventures for her and Terrible in the following books. My hope is that Kane abandons her established pattern of creating multiple book character arcs and single book plot arcs; I would love to see Kane develop mysteries that span several books because her intricate plots could really shine in such a format.