Three Parts Dead

Three Parts Dead - Max Gladstone How disappointing. Three Parts Dead began with promise; a God has died and it is up to Tara, a young woman who can bend energy and spirit into magic, to figure out the circumstances of his death. The mechanics of the Craft (what Gladstone uses as his label for magic) and of the gods (who basically live and die in a complex investment scheme, where the amount of worshippers correlates to their power which may then be loaned away) were incredibly interesting. But the thing is, I never fully understood these mechanics because it is all so poorly explained. Each word became a chore in this book, because I could barely keep track of the plot and characters but I desperately needed to do so in order to appreciate the world and story. I think Three Parts Dead would've benefited from more explanation and less description. I got about 130 pages in and realized I just couldn't take it any longer; I understood practically nothing and the characters were flat. I had no idea where the plot was going and I frankly didn't care. I rarely fail to finish books, but when I have zero investment in a story 100 pages in, I suppose I have to call it quits.