Boundless - Cynthia Hand So I just watched four seasons of The Vampire Diaries in three weeks, meaning my mind is probably mush, but all I could think while reading Boundless was: underwhelming novel but potentially awesome CW show.The elements are all here!Teenage angst? Check.Super hot characters who also have mysterious pasts? Check.Supernatural mythology with enough depth for ample exploration? Check.And of course, love triangle? Check!!!Boundless, and I suppose the Unearthly series as a whole, didn’t fully work for me. Cynthia Hand developed an interesting world, but the plot—in terms of the entire series’ arc and each individual book’s arc—never clicked. It was oddly paced; nothing would happen for chapters and suddenly like fifteen major plot points would emerge at once. Some of the directions Hand took the story were unbelievable to me I’m thinking about Angela’s pregnancy, which seemed totally out of character. And the ending to the story felt rushed and false though maybe I’m just coping with the fact that for the FIRST TIME EVER, I’ve been on the losing side of a paranormal teen love triangle. Clara! Christian was perfect for you. Cynthia Hand! This “prophet” business with Tucker came from nowhere.But I can’t deny that I found this world and its characters compelling. I would love to see further stories set in Hand’s versions of Heaven and Hell and Jackson Hole High School. I just wish these stories would unroll in more complex and less meandering fashion.So CW execs? It’s pilot season! Can’t the Unearthly series be produced? I’ve exhausted all the Vampire Diaries episodes, and now my life feels incomplete. Based on my list above, this series could be the next big thing and make both my heart and your channel’s coffers less empty. Think about it.