Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning Definitely my favorite of the series despite some unnecessary parts (read: Dani's). It's just so dark and twisty--I have NO idea what is going to happen! Moning's writing bumped up several notches in this installment. It is no longer as frivolous and annoying (maybe because Mac has changed?). Her strongest work comes in the beginning where she describes Mac's return from being Pri-ya with Barrons. Mac's confusion, overwhelming sexual desires, and Barrons' niceness? are apparent. I have so many questions that better be answered in Shadowfever (don't pull a Lost on me Moning!), so I'll list them here so I can attempt to keep track of them.1. who is the fourth person during Mac's rape?2. what happened to V'lane in the Forbidden Library wards?3. who was beneath the vulture IYD creature?4. what is the prophecy?5. who really killed Alina?6. what is Barrons? How can he kill Fae? Why is the Sinsah Dubh his "last chance"?7. why is the Sinsah Dubh attracted to Mac?8. how is Mac special, according to V'lane who said she did not begin to understand her abilities?8.6 why did Mac acquire newly powerful abilities after overcoming her Pri-ya-ness?9. what's up with dreamy-eyed Trinity ALD guy? (Cmon, Moning! he has been consistently..around...since book 1! there's gotta be something there)10. do i like Barrons? is he working in Mac's self-interest? (I think I do, but he can be so unlikeable! but his work on turning Mac back from Pri-ya...god, I loved those chapters)11. what's going on in all of Barrons' sad memories? whenever I read them, I feel like I'm reading a book version of Bane (aka evil Marion Cotillard)'s backstory in The Dark Knight Rises 12. what's up with Cruce? So we finally found out he cursed the Unseelie King's mirrors because he didn't want the king to see his concubine because he loved her too, right? I feel like he and the concubine are crucial to the denouement of this story somehow.13. who is dream lady?14. SO MANY MORE, mostly about Barrons Barrons Barrons, but I think I'll just go read Shadowfever instead because I can't hang off this cliff much longer! (I have such poor stamina, it's only been 15 minutes since finishing Dreamfever)