Strong Poison (A Lord Peter Wimsey Msytery) - Dorothy L. Sayers I've heard stellar things about the Lord Peter and Harriet Vane mysteries, so I was excited to pick up Strong Poison, the novel where their romance begins as Peter seeks to clear Harriet's name in a murder trial. Unfortunately, I was disappointed, but I may continue with the Peter/Harriet stories since this book merely served as a stage-setter. Strong Poison sort of resembles a reverse Oreo cookie of the literary variety. According to my entirely not subjective wisdom, an Oreo's white creamy middle is by far the only part worth eating. The dark wafers sandwiching the cream inside are auxiliary; all they have to do is provide a surface upon which the delicious middle can rest. But with Strong Poison the Oreo philosophy is reversed. Instead of a scrumptious middle crammed between a merely decent exposition and denouement, we get a superb beginning and end accompanied by snoozy middle stuffing. I started the book going "yeah yeah yeah!" and ended with "yes yes yes!" but in the middle, I felt, "please, something, anything, happen!"So what I'm saying is Sayers needed to take some counsel from Nabisco and amp up the bulk of her book in the middle. Although I didn’t enjoy much of this reading experience, I might continue with Harriet and Peter since the reviews for their later escapades are so positive.