Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning What a whirlwind! Considering the speed at which I consumed the Fever Series, a rereading may be in order. I enjoyed every second of it, but in my "fever" (excuse me, please) of needing to know what was going to happen among the Fae, Barrons, and Mac immediately , I certainly did not grasp the full nuances of these characters and their complex mythology. This series is a truly pleasant surprise. Although entertained by the debut novel Darkfever, I never expected the series to be so enthralling and complicated. The meticulous unfolding of the plot demonstrates that Moning must be a deft outliner, even if her actual prose is occasionally lacking. (Though I must say, in books 4 and 5, her writing improved greatly, but I wish she would stop with her incessant use of acronyms really, the Unseelie King is going to abbreviate MacKayla's nickname "beautiful girl" to "BG"? really???). I feel blasphemous for even suggesting it, but while reading the Fever series, I could not help being reminded of the Harry Potter series. The flawed but lovable characters, constant twists, deep mythology, and numerous confusing prophesies are all so reminiscent of my beloved Harry Potter (excepting, of course, the copious sex present in Fever). I think Harry Potter has a bit more emotional resonance, but from a superficial standpoint, the joys of the plots, characters, and mysteries are similar. It was a joy being trapped in the Fever universe for a week, and I know I will return to it by rereading and analyzing it. In particular, I want to give more thought to Barrons and Mac's relationship because even though I'm happy how they turned out, its tumult and complexity warrants further evaluation. I am also so so so happy to see that Moning is continuing to write about the Fever universe, even though Iced: A Dani O'Malley Novel follows one of my more disliked characters and the 6th direct sequel to Fever does not come until 2015! If Moning maintains her expert plotting skills, I assume I will gladly be reading about the Seelie, Unseelie, and Mac & Co for quite some time.